• 30.07.2014

    A Celebration of the Bike

    © Gøran Sofienlund

    Many would define happiness as a ride on the bike, facing a refreshing summer breeze, in a beautiful landscape that changes for each kilometre covered by this remarkable rolling device. It is quite simply a brilliant invention, the bike I mean. Living in so-called modernity, perhaps we have a tendency of taking for granted innovations made a long, long time ago. The bike, however, which again draws on the wheel, continues to spread joy worldwide also in 2014. 

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  • 30.05.2014

    Towards a Climax

    © Trym Ivar Bergsmo/ARN

    A professional cycling race shares some features found in a good short story. The beginning of the story appears calm and laid-back. The main characters, present on the starting line, hang casually over their bikes and chitchat with each other before they start rolling, with friendly smiles and nods of recognition to the spectators. Not much drama to speak of, in other words.

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  • 30.04.2014

    When Heroes Meet

    © S. Boué/ASO

    - I like your jersey!
    These words belonged to Norway's greatest cycling star, Thor Hushovd, the day before the Arctic Race of Norway 2013. The compliment was given to 14-year-old Vegard from Bodø cycling club, who for the occasion had swapped his own club's colours with those of BMC.
    - So do I! Vegard replied and received the autograph from Hushovd, while representatives of the Norwegian sports press took pictures and interviewed both young and experienced cyclists

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  • 07.03.2014

    A total event

    © Trym Ivar Bergsmo / ARN

    Arctic Race of Norway 2013 turned out to be a wonderful summer memory, a dazzling souvenir to bring out during autumn, winter and spring. And with the return of the light in Northern Norway, expectations for the second edition of this bike race grow higher. A bike race? In fact, we are dealing with something much larger. This event contains something for all of us. Cycling enthusiasts will no doubt be pleased to sign up for this year's Arctic Race of Norway Challenges, before they follow at arm's length or live on TV the professionals as they fight for the stage win and the ARN 2014 trophy. But regardless of people's interest in cycling, the Arctic Race of Norway represents a golden traveling opportunity. Those living in the south, east and west of Norway may pay a visit to friends and family in the north. The hosts on their hand are only too happy and proud to showcase Northern Norway at its best. - How nice of you to come! Of course, the guest room has been made ready and we have just put on the kettle ! You can feel it's in the air, the joy of finally being at the centre of attention.

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