Troms, the second northernmost county has a population of 175,000 inhabitants. It is small in size but has a great diversity of nature, experiences and activities. Troms can give you all the Arctic nature experiences. In summer you can be fascinated by the Midnight Sun and the bright nights. Weather may change quickly in the open sea, switching from quiet to stormy in no time. In winter you may enjoy watching the sky with all the shades of blue exploding into a kaleidoscope of colors – the Northern Lights.

Arctic nature

High and unapproachable mountains rise up from the sea and up into the sky. Other mountains invite you for long or short hiking trips with backpack and walking stick. Rivers and streams run down the slopes of the mountains and flow through rural settlements. You can go rod-fishing in many rivers in Troms or go for adventurous canoe trips. Winter offers a great variety of nature experiences, both with or without skis, cross-country skiing in the wilderness, alpine skiing in the alpine resorts, going off-piste from the untouched peaks, or exploring nature through dog sledding or snowmobiles.

Arctic culture

In the cities of Tromsø and Harstad, you can experience both local and international forms of arts and cultural expressions. You can find all art forms, often characterized by its Arctic origins. In Troms Sami, Kven and Norwegian culture meet, and the city of Tromsø has representatives of many different nationalities from all the parts of the world. Tromsø is also famous for and characterized by its many students and for its vibrant nightlife. The city boasts good restaurants, serving dishes based on arctic ingredients. Troms is a county with a fascinating history. At Trondenes museum in Harstad you may visit a Viking Age exhibition and in the Polar Museum in Tromsø you can learn more about the Arctic and Polar areas.

Exciting areas

The fairytale island Senja offers a rich variety of scenery and activities. Norway’s second largest island is located midway between Tromsø and Harstad. From Senja there are ferry connections to Brensholmen and Andenes and a bridge to the mainland. The spectacular Lyngen Alps offer you the high alpine scenery, whereas in Bardu and Målselv you will find one of Europe’s last wildernesses in the Dividalen National Park, which allows for exploration on your own. Halti National Park in Nordreisa provides a variety of excursions in organized groups. 

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