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EQUINOR - Main partner

General time classification partner (midnight sun jersey / yellow and orange) and best young rider classification partner (white jersey)

© Einar Aslaksen

Equinor in brief
Equinor is an international energy company present in more than 30 countries worldwide, including several of the world’s most important oil and gas provinces. Founded in 1972 under the name Den Norske Stats Oljeselskap AS - Statoil (the Norwegian State Oil company), we changed our name to Equinor in 2018. Our headquarters are in Stavanger, Norway, and we have over 20,000 employees.
We are the leading operator on the Norwegian continental shelf and have substantial international activities. We are engaged in exploration, development and production of oil and gas, as well as wind and solar power. We sell crude oil and are a major supplier of natural gas, with activities in processing, refining, and trading. Our activities are managed through eight business areas, staffs and support divisions, and we have operations in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania, and Norway.

SPAREBANK - Official partner

Best sprinter rider
General point classification partner (green jersey)

For Northern Norway
Northern Norway is the region of opportunity and is enjoying high economic growth based on the advantages that nature has given us. As the region’s bank, owned mostly by the North Norwegian society, we want to contribute actively to the development of Northern Norway. Both as a bank for people and businesses, and through our social engagement and support for the region’s cultural life, teams and associations.
Sports and culture are at the core of our social engagement and help to generate activities and diversity. It is therefore good to see that great ideas can grow into huge public celebrations and cooperation across county boundaries. The Arctic Race of Norway is a good example of this, and we are proud to have been a team member since the very start.
As an official partner and sponsor of the green point’s jersey, we want to help ensure that the Arctic Race of Norway becomes a celebration of cycling for the entire family. Since 2013, over 10,000 children have taken part in the SNN Mini Arctic Race. This year we aim to repeat the success with bike races for children in Leknes, Svolvær, Sortland and Narvik.

LAKS ER VIKTIG FOR NORGE - Official partner

Best climber classification partner (salmon jersey)

International stars in Arctic regions
The Norwegian salmon industry creates value and provides the basis for large-scale food production both locally and nationally. Much of this activity occurs in Arctic regions – precisely the areas where the world’s top cyclists compete during the Arctic Race of Norway.
Here in the North, salmon have an optimal nurturing environment with fresh, cold water in a cool climate. These nature given conditions, together with hardworking, competent locals and world-leading technology and research groups, have created a product that is desired by fastidious consumers and chefs all over the world. In fact, 14 million meals of Norwegian salmon are served every day. This makes the salmon an international star – in a silvery leader’s jersey.
The Norwegian salmon industry is standing behind the campaign “Salmon is important for Norway”. Together, we want to show the public why salmon is important for Norway and the rest of the world. Especially, we will tell how we are continually developing and striving to become better. This is because we have in no way reached the finish line. If we do things right, aquaculture could provide an answer to the question of what we are going to live off in the future.

HYUNDAI - Official partner

General team classification partner

Hyundai Motor Norway is proud to be the official vehicle supplier to the world’s most spectacular bicycle race, The Arctic Race of Norway. Hyundai is continuously working to reduce the impact motor vehicles have on our surroundings, the environment, and is a proud pioneer of future technologies; fully electric vehicles, fuel cell electrical vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. It is a great pleasure that this year’s edition of Arctic Race is the world’s first bicycle race with a comprehensive commitment to electric mobility. Hyundai’s environmental concept IONIQ has already become a benchmark for efficiency, and KONA electric is the first full-electric compact SUV on the market. With a range of 449 kilometers per charge, the car offers a whole new generation of full-electric mobility in its segment. This is just the beginning. #NextAwaits

SHIMANO - Official partner

Shimano’s origins began in 1921 when Shimano Iron Works, the predecessor of Shimano Inc., was established by Shozaburo Shimano in Sakai city, Osaka, Japan. The first product was the bicycle freewheel, which, at that time, required the highest level of bicycle technology to produce.

By the 1950s the company was producing products such as external speed changers and internal speed changers (3-speed hub). The success of these products led to Shimano’s first overseas sales office, Shimano American Corporation (currently Shimano North America Holding, Inc.) in 1965, followed by Shimano Europe in 1973. The first overseas manufacturing base, Shimano Singapore Pte. Ltd., also opened in the same year.

In 1991, the company name became Shimano Inc. Its headquarters remain in Sakai, the city of Shimano’s birthplace. Shimano is dedicated to helping its customers get closer to nature, supporting people to realize their dreams and create new lifestyles. That comes with the desire to create outstanding cycling products and apparel.

Shimano Inc. has a wide range of functions, including planning, development, design, manufacturing, and various other support functions for supplying bicycle components as well as fishing tackle and rowing equipment.

Shimano Europe acts as the 'eyes, ears and mouth' of the global Team Shimano in Europe. Its mission is to be an excellent supplier and a valuable partner for all customers in its European markets and to create consumer demand for Shimano and Shimano-owned products.

With 100 years’ experience in creating internationally renowned bicycle components, Shimano is proud to have developed products that continue to take countless athletes to victory and provide the means for limitless global bicycle journeys.

Visit for more information.

STATSKOG - Official fan

Statskog supports the Arctic Race of Norway – a cycle race with spirit, creatively and expertly organized in the incredible surroundings. It’s a folk festival that temptingly presents the splendid Northern Norwegian outdoors, for Norwegians and for TV viewers round the world. Statskog and the Arctic Race of Norway bring the outdoors to you.
We will contribute to communities where we have activities and properties. Statskog managers much of the community properties of Norway in the northern part of the country. The Arctic Race of Norway enhances Northern Norway and the country. Statskog is a landowner on behalf of the government of Norway. This means that we manage and develop values in 20% of the area of mainland Norway. That mission includes maintaining shared values in hunting, fishing, and outdoor life as well as further developing communal interests in forestry and property. Statskog is the guarantor for hunting, fishing, and outdoor life being available for everyone. We are proud to be a collaborative partner of the Arctic Race of Norway.

SCANDIC - Official fan

Scandic is the largest Nordic hotel operator with a network of close to 280 hotels across six countries.
Every day, our 18,000 team members work with one single goal in mind: to create great hotel experiences that make our guests want to come back.


TELENOR NORVEGE - Official fan

Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators across Scandinavia and Asia. Telenor Group connects its 176 million customers to what matters most. Connecting the world has been Telenor’s domain for more than 160 years and we currently operate across Scandinavia and Asia. We are committed to responsible business conduct and driven by the ambition of empowering societies.

COOP - Official fan

Coop – Sharing economy through 150 years

What started small, with a single grocery store and the simple idea of providing members with good and affordable goods at reasonable prices, has grown over the last 100 years into the second largest grocery chain in Norway. Every week, over 1,7 million co-owners and hundreds of thousands of customers visit Coop´s more than 1,250 grocery stores across the country. Coop has the best reputation in the grocery industry in Norway (RepTrak). This is partly due to our commitment to share values to our customers and communities. Through membership, costumers own their local co-operative companies. Coop takes great social responsibility and is also one of the largest sponsors in Norway. We support local sports, culture and different socio-work. Both Coop and Artic Race of Norway aim to contribute to living communities, and a healthier and more active population.

PRO:SCANMARK - Official supplier

Since 1977, Scanmark Norge AS has highlighted large and small businesses, sports clubs and associations, public and private, all around the country. Scanmark is one of the most experienced companies in our industry, and the Scanmark-team together has 150 years of competence in our branch.
Main office, with sign shop and store located in Harstad. Branch office in Tønsberg.
Scanmark is co-owner of Norways new chain of promotional items suppliers, PRO:NORGE. Collectively, we have a large and stable network of suppliers and partners all around the world. This benefits our customers in terms of good ideas, the newest product trends, and better prices.
In our webshop,, you will find a range of more than 10,000 promotional items. If you can not find what you are looking for, just get in touch and we will assist.
Scanmark is the official supplier of promotional items for the Arctic Race of Norway. Check out the products on

HELI-TEAM - Official supplier

Heli-Team is the leading inland helicopter company in Northern Norway, with their main base in Harstad. Our vision, “We Lift Northern Norway”, indicates that we are supporting the development of the society in our area, and also that our customers benefit by using a local expert that knows the environment, extreme weather conditions and is able to solve demanding missions in the Arctic area. We have been in business since 1988, celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, and have been airborne for more than 58,000 hours! Heli-Team offers their services both to businesses as well as private customers. Our biggest clients are those in the energy and telecom sector. We have built most transmissions lines in Norway’s three northernmost counties in the last 30 year. Heli-Team possess world leading technology and knowledge to deliver the most demanding operations under difficult conditions.

We look forward to have you on board!


© Thomas T. Kleiven

Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation

This is the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation.

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation is one of the country’s largest non-profit organizations. The foundation receives donations from over 300,000 private donors and little over 3,500 companies. The goal is to continually improve the air ambulance service through research, innovation and education. Acute illness or accidents rarely occur near a hospital. The organization was established in 1978 by Doctor Jens Moe and like-minded individuals from the ambulance services in Drøbak and Oslo. The only funding was from private individuals and businesses. In Norway there are currently 12 medical helicopter bases, all of them are operated by the foundation’s wholly owned subsidiary Norsk Luftambulanse AS via an agreement with the Norwegian health authorities.

As part of being a medical partner during the Arctic Race of Norway, we will promote the importance of having the Help 113 app installed on smartphones. It is developed, funded and operated by the foundation and is free to download.

When an accident or sudden injury occurs, there is no time to lose.

SAS - Official supplier

© apomares

We are travelers
SAS makes life easier for people who travel frequently to, from, and within Scandinavia by offering smooth, attractively priced flights for those traveling on business and those traveling privately. We continually develop our services to provide all our travelers with a positive travel experience. This includes ambitious goals towards a sustainable air travel – with concrete measures such as CO2 offsetting of all EuroBonus tickets and investments in bio fuel already in place. Aviation is a vital part of Scandinavian infrastructure. We maintain the highest frequency of departures to and from Scandinavia and connect smaller regional airports with larger hubs. As part of Star Alliance, we fly our customers to 1,300 destinations worldwide.

Book your next flight at

ZU4R - Official supplier

The world’s northernmost designer, manufacturer and supplier of cycling clothing.
In Northern Norway, with the world's roughest, wildest, but also most beautiful nature, the home of ZU4R is found, where the design, cut and colour compositions are created by the founders who supply quality Norwegian clothing with forward-looking design.
ZU4R is thinking new and developing bike clothing for all types of cyclists; the to-and-from-work-cyclist, the exerciser, the active and to the professionals. Considering cyclists' criteria such as wellness, comfort and aerodynamics, ZU4R delivers groundbreaking and innovative design. The fabrics used in the production of ZU4R's clothing have unique properties in moisture control, aerodynamics and quality.
ZU4R is a young company, but has grown rapidly from being a local supplier to delivering nationally, and in recent years also delivered to cyclists in Europe and Asia with great success.
ZU4R is being designed and distributed from the base of the Arctic Race of Norway, the world's northernmost and most spectacular cycling race in the ProSeries circus, and we now have the pleasure of supplying the cycling jerseys for Arctic Race of Norway in the years to come.

See our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ZU4R.

NORDLYS/AMEDIA - Official media partner

Nordlys is a longtime media partner with the Arctic Race of Norway. The media house is part of the media group Amedia.
The role of the newspaper is to contribute to increase engagement around what is Northern Norway’s largest sports event.
This year, Nordlys’ own advertising agency, NordlysLAB, has produced contents for the Arctic Race of Norway and digitized the annual magazine release.
We tell stories about the local heroes, the race’s ripple effects on the local communities and the enthusiasm created when the world stars compete for glory in North-Norwegian nature.

Nordlys has a total of 77,200 daily readers.

BUFETAT - Social partner

We colour the race purple

Bufetat, region north are showcasing and recruiting foster homes with ARN as a social partner! In 2015, Bufetat, region north entered into an agreement with ARN to be a social partner. In 2021, the agreement was renegotiated for three more years.

The purpose of the collaboration is primarily to honour foster families, increase knowledge about the need in the region and to recruit more foster homes. At the same time, we are highlighting the importance of providing foster children with positive activities and experiences, where they have the opportunity to experience success and cohesion. This collaboration builds on ARN's vision of being "more than just a bike race."

Every year we are clearly visible along all the stages with our purple t-shirts. This, together with well-staffed stands and other activities, gives clear results. After the race we see the number of enquiries from people who want to know more about being foster homes increases by 100 per cent. With the experience of previous years fresh in memory, we will continue our success and hope to create even more interest and recruit even more possible foster families this year.

About Bufetat, Region North

The Department of Children, Youth and Family Services (Bufetat) is responsible for the state child and family protection and adoption. Responsibility for foster care recruitment is also with Bufetat. The agency shall ensure that enough foster homes are provided and contribute to proper quality through, among other things, training of foster homes.

Who are the foster children?

Foster children are like any other children — different. Common to all foster children is the need for adults who can provide safety, care and love. Diversity in foster children means a need for diversity in foster parents. Common to all foster homes is that they consist of adults with good caring abilities and energy for the children. In the north region, around 1 250 children live in foster care, and we need to recruit 120 new homes annually.

What is NAV?
NAV administers a third of the national budget through schemes such as unemployment benefit, work assessment allowance, sickness benefit, pensions, child benefit and cash-for-care benefit.

NAV was established on 1 July 2006. The local authorities and central government cooperate to find good solutions for users through 456 NAV offices in municipalities and city boroughs. Each local authority and NAV agree on what local authority services their office should provide. The services provided by a NAV office will thus vary from local authority to local authority.

NAV, or the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, employs around 19,000 people. Of these around 14,000 are employed by the central government, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service, and around 5,000 are employed by the local authorities.

In addition to the local NAV offices there are more than one hundred special units. The special units perform centralised duties that it would not be appropriate for front line local NAV offices to perform.

NAV's main goals are:
More people active and in work, fewer people on benefits
A well-functioning job market
To provide the right services and benefits at the right time
To provide good services tailored to the users' needs and circumstances
Comprehensive and efficient labour and welfare administration

What does NAV mean?
NAV is the short name for the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. NAV was originally short for the New Labour and Welfare Administration. NAV is now a standalone name and a brand so we write it in capitals.

TV2 - Host broadcaster

TV 2 is Norway’s biggest commercial broadcaster, founded in 1992 when the Norwegian government first allowed national commercial TV. The TV 2 Group transmits on one main channel, as well as a number of niche channels. Among those is TV 2 Nyhetskanalen, which has broadcast news 24 hours a day since 2007. That same year, TV 2 also acquired its own sports channel, TV 2 Sportskanalen. Since then TV 2 has expanded the Sport focus to three HD channels solely broadcasting English Premier League. These niche channels complement TV 2 Zebra that has broadcast entertainment and serials to the Norwegian youth since 2005. TV 2 launched its latest addition to the family in 2010: TV 2 Livsstil with light entertainment, docusoaps and movies. TV 2 is no longer just a TV station, but a media group bringing out contents on multiple platforms. TV 2 started broadcasting Tour de France live in 2003, and the event has since become a success on TV 2.

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