Together with its many stakeholders, the Arctic Race of Norway (ARN) aims to be much more than just a race. With reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the ARN also commits itself to leave a positive mark each year on the Northern Norway territories and to improve important aspects of the event’s sustainability through environmental and social actions.

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our world and the Arctic region is undoubtedly strongly affected. We therefore want to reduce our impact on nature. We believe that cycling is primordial for tomorrow's green urban mobility, which is why we promote cycling in communities, aiming to impact society positively through our various actions.

Arctic Race of Norway continues its journey towards being the most sustainable cycling race in the world!

We are eco-certified! Arctic Race of Norway has been granted the Eco Lighthouse certification. This is the most recognized environmental certification scheme in Norway, equivalent to international schemes such as ISO 14001 or EMAS. It recognizes and documents our commitments to reduce the event’s environmental impacts, and ensures we include this thinking in all our planning.

This is just a starting point on our journey, and we continue being committed to developing further initiatives in the next few years. Come along on this journey with us!

CSR - Environmental actions

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CSR - Social actions

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