The Norwegian Fundation «Norsk Luftambulanse » is the medical partner of the Arctic Race of Norway.

An app to improve the rescue effectiveness in Northern Norway

Through this collaboration, Norsk Luftambulanse is promoting the emergency number 113 and the mobile app « Hjelp 113 ». Developed by the foundation, it allows to localize immediately the people in emergency need and indicate the position to the emergency services. That will improve considerably the quickness and the effectiveness of the rescue team.

Norsk Luftambulance participated in the caravan in order to raise awareness among the public about those new practices and improve the efficiency of the rescue services in Northern Norway. In this area, emergencies generally do not happen close to a hospital and flying ambulances are needed. The foundation is looking to improve its aerial service through research, innovation and education.

A medical reinforcement for the Arctic Race of Norway

Along with raising awareness about its activities, Norsk Luftambulanse reinforces the medical setup of the Arctic Race of Norway with a medical car, an anesthetist and two ambulances, in order to make the race safer.

“Arctic Race is a popular event and it is important that it is as safe as possible for everyone participating. We have been asked to provide extra emergency preparation in addition to that which the public health service offers. Our task is to ensure that the help will be in place immediately if someone is injured or gets sick during the ride”, says Secretary General Hans Morten Lossius of the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation.

"There are long distances in Northern Norway, and through extra medical services from the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, we make the Arctic Race of Norway an even safer experience for the riders, for everyone involved in the event and for everyone who is watching along the stages”, says Knut-Eirik Dybdal, director of the Arctic Race of Norway.

Each year, 120 riders are to compete in the ARN, with hundreds of thousands of spectators along the roads and with more than 1000 people in the organizing staff, including the volunteer corps.