Visitors have flocked to Trøndelag for more than 1,000 years. It all started with pilgrims who went on pilgrimages to the Nidaros Cathedral. Since then, the people of Trøndelag have created a culture, food tradition and innovation that should put Trøndelag on your Bucket List. Here in Trøndelag, you can have a close-up experience with nature, immerse yourself in history and, not least, get to know the local people – the Trønder.

Europe’s official region of gastronomy
Talking about the Trønder: Trondheim-Trøndelag is the European Region of Gastronomy (ERG) in 2022. ERG is by no means a tribute solely to Michelin-starred restaurants, white tablecloths and tall glasses – although this is part of the overall picture. ERG is rather a tribute to the farmers, fishermen and breeders who conjure up the most delicious produce with tender love and care for the Trøndelag chefs’ society, which knows how to utilise world-class local produce. Trøndelag is one large food region, and every nook and cranny of it offers unique taste experiences.

1,000 years and 1,000 stories
But Trøndelag is not just a food region. Trøndelag has played an important role in history, and some refer to the region the historical cradle of Norway. Stiklestad, Nidaros Cathedral and the UNESCO World Heritage site Røros are all filled with stories of historical events from Trøndelag that played a part in shaping Norway. You can immerse yourself in history from the Viking Age, the Middle Ages and up to the present day. Discover historical Trøndelag and experience a piece of Norwegian history.

The essence of Norway
From the Sylan mountain range in the east, via the cultural landscapes in Innherred to the coastal islands and islets, the nature in Trøndelag is easily accessible – all year round. This is the place to relax and enjoy rare peace and tranquillity. If you prefer speed and excitement, make your own tracks as you ski down the mountainside or feel your heart rate increase as you see the majestic musk ox in its natural habitat. We have stories, culture and experiences that will connect you more closely with nature and the rich flora and fauna surrounding us.

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