Vesterålen Islands

Vesterålen lies on 68° north and comprises of 6 council boroughs which are spread out over 4 large islands all linked by road bridges.
The landscape is varied with majestic mountain peaks, reefs and rocky shorelines, sandy beaches and the magical and legendary Trollfjord. Most roads follow the coastline with a relatively small amount of traffic. Cycling holidays are therefore a popular choice amongst our visitors to Vesterålen. The golf stream flows close into land and the warm waters give rise to high levels of fish in the sea and a rich and plentiful fauna. In addition to the unique whale safaris, moose, bird and seal safaris are also available.  Vesterålen provides the opportunity to visit and enjoy an exotic part of arctic Norway with the midnight sun, the northern lights and its Sami culture. The Coastal Express, airports at Andenes, Stokmarknes and Evenes and good coach links make your journey here simple and the travelling easy.

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Mannen fra havet, Vesterålen © Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen -
Vesterålen © WILLY VESTÅ
Paddle, Vesterålen © A.S.O.
Orca, Vesterålen © Marten Bril - WHITETAIL AS 2013
Bleikstranda, Vesterålen © Jarle Wahler

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