Donating to the Children's Cancer Society

September 10 th 2021 - 09:55

In 2021 Mack, Infinitum* and Arctic Race of Norway entered a collaboration that ensures that all the deposit from collected packaging during the race goes to the Children's Cancer Society in Troms and Finnmark. 

Together the three businesses have named the Children's Cancer Society in Troms and Finnmark as this year's recipients of the money collected during the race. 

"Through Infinium’s program to collect bottles and cans, we ensure that they can be recycled and used again. At the same time we are able to support an important organisation every year," says Knut-Eirik Dybdal, CEO of Arctic Race of Norway. 

During the Arctic Race of Norway there are many spectators present, which can lead to a lot of waste. In the past, most bottles and cans have ended up in the general waste. Through the new collaboration, four recycling bins have been donated to collect all the beverage containers in the race areas. 

"Arctic Race of Norway is eco-lighthouse certified, and we have an ambition to be one of the most sustainable cycling races in the world. Among other things, we are one of the cycling races that uses the most electric cars as during the race. The fact that we are now also collecting bottles and cans is another step we are taking on this journey, Dybdal says. 

The Arctic Race of Norway was held for the first time in 2013. The race spans four days and is held every year in the two northernmost counties in Norway. The exception was 2020, when the race had to be postponed due to corona. In 2021, 11 Tour de France teams were among the 19 lined up at the start in Tromsø. The Norwegian national team also took part, with Alexander Kristoff as their captain. They completed four stages, totaling 683 kilometers, starting in Tromsø and finishing in Harstad. The Mack brewery is one of the partners of Arctic Race of Norway.

Mack believes the cycling race helps put Northern Norway on the map, with international cyclists from well-known cycling teams, and global TV coverage. "As the whole of Northern Norway's brewery, it is important for us to support local sports, culture and good causes. Infinitum is one of the biggest environmental successes we have, and the fact that we have achieved a collaboration is ideal. We make a living selling drinks, and then we have a responsibility to ensure that the packaging is collected, recycled and re-used," says Embla Skedsmo Bjørnflaten, intern in the marketing department at Mack's Brewery. 

Covid-19 meant there had to be some restrictions to the number of spectators this year, but the three hope there will be an even bigger event next year.

"This collaboration is an example of yet another arena where we can ensure that more plastic and aluminum is collected and recycled. It is important for us to be able to use the resources over and over again," says Randi Haavik Varberg, Head of Communications at Infinitum.

*Infinitum runs a deposit system for non-refillable plastic bottles and beverage cans so that they can be recycled and re-used. The consumer pays a deposit per bottle or can when purchasing the good in the store, and get this back when the empty packaging is returned at set collection points. The collection rate for beverage containers (plastic bottles and cans) in Norway has been over 95% the last few years. 


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