Hyundai returns to Arctic Race of Norway

January 18 th 2024 - 09:00 [GMT + 1]

After eight years as partners, Arctic Race of Norway and Hyundai parted ways in 2023. Now Europe's third largest electric car brand is back in place, and they are looking forward to continuing the partnership.

Wished to return

-The collaboration with the Arctic Race of Norway has been very fruitful for Hyundai. We have had growth in Norway for all the eight years we have been involved, and we have used the Arctic Race to present new car models to a wider audience. Hyundai also played a central role in the transition to electric cars. We have used 2023 to take stock, and the answer in the end was clear. We wanted to return to the Arctic Race of Norway. We are delighted that the wish was mutual, and that the role for us as a car partner was again available, says Managing Director Thomas Rosvold at Hyundai.

Focus on sustainability

Rosvold higlights the inherent force in Arctic Race of Norway when explaining why they wanted a new agreement. - The Arctic Race of Norway has a unique position as Norway's largest cycling race, with participation from the prime cycling teams in the world. But Arctic Race also plays an important part as a responsible corporate citizen, not least when It comes to sustainability. The event creates ripple effects that go far beyond cycling, and this is something we want to be a part of, says Rosvold.

World leading

Managing director Knut-Eirik Dybdal is happy that Hyundai is once again part of the team. - We fully understand that our partners from time to time have to evaluate the collaboration. When the conclusion is that they want to continue the partnership with us, it is extra gratifying, says Dybdal. Through the agreement, Hyundai makes 130 electric cars available for the Arctic Race of Norway. - When Arctic Race of Norway starts in 2024, all the accompanying cars will be electric. In this area, we are actually world leading, says Dybdal.

Will showcase new electric cars

Hyundai will use the opportunity to showcase its latest models that offer good range and are well suited to meet the needs of the Arctic Race of Norway. These cars will be sold on the open market when the race is over. - The Arctic Race of Norway is an important showcase for Hyundai. Since 2023 Hyundai has solely offered electric cars. If the ambitious goals of increased sustainability and reduced emissions in the transport sector are to be achieved, we believe it is important that everyone contributes. The electrification of Arctic Race of Norway has been a joint project setting a new standard. It shows us what is possible through cooperation, says Rosvold.

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