On Saturday 13 August, you will have the opportunity to experience a unique moment when crossing the finish line of the Arctic Race of Norway stage 3! From the start in Stiklestad, you will follow the same routes as the professional riders. These will take you to the climb to the finish line in Skallstuggu, where the last 6 km have an average gradient of 5% with some sections over 10%! The road to Skallstuggu will be tough, but the reward at the finish will justify the effort, only a few hours before the Caravan and the peloton! The ARN Challenge is organised in collaboration with Levanger cycling club IL Sverre.


Long distance : 64 km (with timing)

Strava event

Short distance : 41 km (with timing)

Strava event

Long distance : 1337 m

Short distance : 976 m

12:00: start in Stiklestad

14:30: Okkenhaug, all participants are redirected to the finish line in order to reach the cut-off at the bottom of the final climb

15:30: Cut-off at the bottom of the Skallstuggu climb

Stiklestad National Culture Center

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Skallstuggu fjellstue, same finish line as the ARN stage

Long distance :

  • Before 3rd August : Kr 400,-.
  • From 3rd August : Kr 600,-.

Short distance :

  • Before 3rd August : Kr 300,-.
  • From 3rd August : Kr 450,-.

Race bibs can be collected on Wednesday 10th, Thursday 11th & Friday 12th August at Trønderhallen: Høgskolevegen 5, 7600 Levanger. It is also possible to collect your race bib on the race day, at the start area. All participants have to wear their race bib.

Participants without a yearly NCF license can buy a one-day NCF license, which includes insurance. Participants under 13 years old are covered by the Norwegian Sports Federation’s general children sports insurance (until the day they turn 13).

One-day NCF license fee

Long distance :

  • Kr 170,-

Short distance : 

  • 13-16 years old: Kr 50,-
  • Over 16 : years old : Kr 60,-

Long and short distance rides are for participants aged 17 or more