A unique jersey

The Viking Jersey is a unique jersey, rewarding every day the best teammate. Often qualified as the “most collective of individual sports”, cycling put under the spotlights leaders and champions through distinctive jerseys. The Viking Jersey is a way to pay tribute to the teammates, those blue-collars who go down the peloton to bring provisions to their leader, who protect him from the wind,

who sacrifice their bike or run in front of the pack to catch the breakaway. It symbolizes the Viking heroes values: devotion, bravery and teamwork.


The only distinctive jersey awarded by the fans

At the end of every stage, you are invited to vote on the different social platforms of the Arctic Race of Norway in order to elect the rider who will wear the Viking Jersey the following day. The jersey will be given the morning before the race by a child from our social partner Bufetat during the protocolary ceremony.


Viking Jersey winner:


- Jonas Hvideberg

- Jonas Gregaard

- Fredrik Dversnes


- Pierre-Luc Périchon

- Adrien Petit

- Eddy Finé

- Kristian Sbaragli


- Tom Van Asbroeck

- Ludvik Holstad

- Erik Nordsaeter Resell 

- Thomas Champion


- Håkon Lunder Aalrust

- Pit Leyder

- Juri Hollman

- Enzo Bernard


- Markus Hoelgaard

- Alberto Bettiol

- Johan Le Bon

- Mathieu Van der Poel 


- Loïc Chetout

- Truls Korsæth

- Martyn Irvine

- Ole Andre Austevoll


- Matt Brammeier

- Sven Erik Bystrøm

- Yoann Offredo