Narvik - a region of contrasts

Narvik is situated in the beautiful northern part of Norway, and only 40 km from the Swedish border. Narvik is surrounded with a breathtaking contrast between beautiful fjords and steep mountains that dive right into the sea. Narvik is a modern city with some of the best standards of hotels and restaurants in Northern Norway. With two big shopping malls and a urban city, it’s hard to imagine that you are at the basecamp to the real arctic experience just outside the door.

The Narvik Region is the home to the spectacular Ofoten Railway and the northernmost animal park, Polar Park, and with the midnight sun and the northern lights, there is no better place to experience the Artic nature! Narviks biggest attraction Narvikfjellet offers artic experiences for the whole family during the whole year, while admiring the breathtaking view of the Ofoten fjord and the mountains surrounding it. Narvik is also an industrial city with a university that has students from all over the world, and a ice free port where iron ore is loaded into ships from all over the world after traveling on the rails of the Ofoten Railway from Kiruna.

Narvik has an exciting history from World War II that is relived in the War Museum in Narvik where the exhibitions are based on the German attack on Narvik and Norway in 1940 and the following five years of war and occupation.

There is several daily flights from Oslo and two daily trains from and to Stockholm.

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