Troms and Finnmark county authority is the elected regional development actor and our elected representatives are responsible for strategic planning. The county's main task is to contribute to development, create growth and thriving communities in the north.  

We facilitate infrastructure, support local businesses, educate tomorrow's workers and contribute to good living conditions for all our citizens. The county authorities are responsible for uniting local and regional forces in the work to develop and refine our vast natural resources. In the region, we have exciting and important jobs in seafood production, mineral and mining activities, reindeer husbandry, tourism, culture and the development of modern green industry.  

Troms and Finnmark is a large region with exciting geography and a diverse population with a diversity of nationalities, cultures and traditions. The county offers spectacular scenery and a unique cultural offer, versatile meeting places, exciting trade and important services that make everyday life and growing conditions both along the coast and inland safe and good for young and old.   With our approximately 242,000 people in Norway's largest county, we have both space and room in our hearts for you.  


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