Lofotens most dramatic landscape is in Moskenes. The sea flows directly to the foot of the wild mountains, shaped by glaciers and nature over centuries. Briges and roads connects the small islands together, crating the local community’s that live under the mountains, by the sea.

The nature here is among the world’s most wild and interesting. Moskenes is among the most photographed areas in Lofoten. The sea, fjords, mountains and small scenic communities creates the unique felling of Moskenes. This feeling continues to influence and inspire people to create, binding nature and culture irreversible together. 

Moskenes is the perfect place to experience the tradition of fisherman’s cabins. Here you can chose between famous fishing villages as Hamnøy, Reine, Sørvågen, Tind or Å, from where the first stage of the Arctic Race of Norway will be launched.

Å is the last village in Lofoten and the end of Europa road 10, to many this is the end destination to their trip to Lofoten. In Moskenes there are galleries, museums, small shops and the possibility to fish, dive, kayaking and other activities. Local food is served in many places and the food is often very short travelled.

You can get to Moskenes by ferry to Sørvågen, by driving E10 or about an hour transfer from Leknes Airport. 


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