Welcome to Alta. A young city with a history that goes back 10,000 years – well documented through the rock art area in Alta which is on UNECO's World Heritage List. 

With over 21,000 inhabitants, we are the largest city in Finnmark and a municipality with a large annual population growth. Our young population is filled with a desire to develop, creative expressions and faith in the future. Last year, Alta was named Northern Norway's second best municipality in NHO's Municipal Championship. The main reason is the varied business community in the municipality. 

To be a growing municipality you need more than just jobs, and we like to call ourselves Alta, the event city. We continuously work to create activity and good experiences – all year round. We especially mention Borealis winter festival, Finnmarksløpet, Alta Live and Offroad Finnmark.

Alta is an educational center with approximately 1,000 students attending upper secondary school, a popular folk high school, and Campus Alta which is a part of the University of Tromsø.

There is a saying asking, ‘Why be inside when all hope is out?’. Over the past decade, we have worked hard to facilitate physical activity for everyone. We have city hikes, summit hikes, accessible trails and outdoor areas, parks and playgrounds. All in close proximity to where we live in Alta.

 We may be located on the edge of the country, but we have created an arctic hub for growth and development. It is barely two hours by plane to Oslo, half an hour to Tromsø and a trip across the Finnmarkplateau to Sweden and Finland. 

So even though we're close to nothing, we're near everything.

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