Lofoten Islands

Vestvågøy is the largest municipality in Lofoten, situated in the middle of the islands Tourism, fi sheries, farming, education, health care, mechanical industries and trade are employing many of our 11,400 inhabitants.

In spite of the ongoing urbanization in Norway, Vestvågøy has increased its population in the past years, and we have growth in housebuilding and establishing companies Our airport, our hospital and good harbours are of great importance to our community

Our nature given sights, such as Eggum, Unstad, Utakleiv, Haukland, Ballstad, Stamsund and Valberg, and the surrounding mountains, attract tourists from all over the world Not only during the summer season, but all around the year To experience, see and feel the arctic winter, with the northern lights sparkling, makes tourism an all year occupation for Vestvågøy

The world known cod fi sheriers during the winter attracts visitors, and you can also take part in this adventure and have your own catch served the same evening by chefs who know how to handle fish.

Vestvågøy municipality is proud to be hosting The Arctic Race of Norway in August 2019, and we will do our very best to take good care of both riders, crew and visitors Feel free to join the event in the city of Leknes, or fi nd your own place along the track.


Polar lights above Reine, Lofoten © Alex Conu Visit Norway
Reine, Lofoten © Svein-Erik Knoff Visit Norway
Lofoten © Innovation Norway
Flakstad, Lofoten © Sonia Arrepia Visit Norway
Kayaking, Reinefjorden, Lofoten © A.S.O.
Henningsvær © Berge Knoff Visit Norway

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