Saltdal is a large municipality in terms of area (2213 km2) and with nearly 5000 inhabitants, it's clear that there is plenty of room to welcome visitors and new residents.  

Saltdal is also one of the major industrial municipalities in Nordland County. In the town of Rognan, you'll find Nexans, a company that is a global player with over 25,000 employees. In Norway, they have 1600 employees spread across four locations, with 300 working in connection with the factory in Rognan. The Rognan factory primarily produces custom and specialized power, installation, and fiber optic cables for use on land, sea, and offshore, serving customers worldwide and earning a reputation as an innovative player in submarine cable manufacturing.  

The municipality is home to businesses that provide employment for many residents, such as Salten Aqua, Dragefossen, Hepro, Saltdaltshytta, Saltdal High School, RIBO, Vev-Al-Plast, a significant retail sector, construction and transportation industries, agriculture, forestry, and much more. The municipality also has an enriched expertise environment in rehabilitation, mental health care, and protected workplaces.  

Saltdal's rich and diverse nature has led the municipality to have two national parks: Saltfjellet/Svartisen and Junkerdal. The municipality hosts the Nordland National Park Center, which serves as a visitor and information center for the county's national parks.  

The municipality is a long green valley with a bike path that runs through almost the entire area, bringing joy to both young and old. Here, you can rent a bike and experience Saltdal from the saddle with the wind in your hair.

You quickly fall in love with Saltdal, and its residents are a proud people. To put it plainly, we love to receive visitors and we enjoy showcasing both the old and the modern.

  We welcome you to our community!

Nexans, industri, Rognan, fiberoptisk kabel. hjørnesteinsbedrift. Fabrikksjef Karl Peter Johansen. Nexans, industri, Rognan, fiberoptisk kabel. © Tom Melby

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