The Arctic Capital – Powered by the Lights

Tromsø is likely to be one of the most extraordinary places you will ever discover. Situated less than 900 miles from the North Pole Cape. Tromsø is the last frontier to the extreme arctic, yet mild and blooming thanks to the sub tropic warm Gulf Stream. During the midwinter months, the sun never rises above the horizon, revealing a perfect stage for the most amazing phenomenon in the sky – the Aurora lights. In summertime, the never-setting sun will follow you day and night, providing perfect conditions for hiking the 1,000-metre Alps around the clock. To explore the wildlife of the Arctic from your doorstep – whales, reindeers, sea eagles and other birds – or chasing the big catch, you´ve come to the right place.

Throughout our 200 years of history, Tromsø has grown from an Arctic gateway to one of the most exciting frontiers within bioscience, space technology and Arctic knowledge. A rapidly growing city, connected to the world by efficient air travel, shipping, cargo and visitors, bringing in new thoughts and ideas from all over the world.

We challenge you to discover the bustling city of Tromsø – its unspoiled nature, Arctic history, culture and cuisine. Powered by the magical lights of the North.

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