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Experience #BeiarnPulse in a lush agricultural village just north of the Arctic Circle. Beiarn is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. One of the country's best wild salmon rivers winds its way through our valley like a life-giving artery. We are surrounded by majestic mountains that invite you to go hiking year-round. You can explore Saltens' largest collection of caves, hike in national parks, hunt, forage, see glaciers, potholes, or the dancing Northern Lights.

Beiarn's history spans from the Iron Age/Viking Age. The municipality is located in the Pite Sami area, and we have a strong musical tradition, from folk music to the present day. Beiarværingene (residents of Beiarn) have been known for boat building and especially building jekt boats. Complex wooden structures are part of our identity, as evidenced by pensioner Magnus Stensland. With a postcard from Gol as a working drawing and timber from his own forest, he built his own miniature stave church, which is open for visits.

Just over 1,000 inhabitants are spread along the valley floor along 50 kilometers of the main road, plus side valleys. We increased by 5% when we settled more than 50 refugees from Ukraine. Our community consists of over 20 nationalities, and we change a little every day. There is a strong spirit of cooperation, and with "rolled-up sleeves" and future visions, we are investing in economic development in agriculture, local food, tourism, minerals, digital workplaces, and culture.

Maybe you've heard of Villmarksdagan, which triples the population of the municipality for a weekend in August?

Beiarn is an Arctic municipality, and we have only one road into the village. When winter storms rage, the mountain road can be closed, and we are isolated from the outside world. Fortunately, this happens rarely, and we mostly feel sorry for those who can't get to us. Normally, we are one and a half hours from the cultural city of Bodø, and a short flight away from all of Europe. We are 45 minutes from the E6, and an hour from the Swedish border. Beiarn is an easy and harmonious place to live in or visit.

Welcome to discover your #BeiarnPulse in our village!

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