Well, wow! Are you going to Hammerfest? We look forward ot seeing you! 

Most people who come to Hammerfest expect to come to a small place with a harsh climate. And that's correct in many ways. But few expect to find a micro metropolis. Here you will find urban summits in all directions, local food such as first-class sushi, a cultural program where you would have to prioritize, and heaps of lovely people. Additionally, the city is surrounded by a nature that offers intense experiences in nature and culturally. 

Hammerfest is part of an archipelago, and the city is located on Kvaløya. The surrounding islands Seiland and Sørøya have no mainland connection, and can only be reached by ferry or express boat. Sørøya is known as the "Green Island of the North", and over half of Seiland is a national park with the northernmost glaciers on the European continent. The adventures are waiting for those who want to go off the beaten path!

On the mainland, the Skaidi junction is more than just a crossroad. Skaidi is a meeting place for local cabin people, salmon fishermen, snowmobile enthusiasts and tough mountain bikers. The world's northernmost mountain bike race – Skaidi Xtreme takes place every year in September. The race is often a mud party, where you can have the best of fun. 

Further away, over the Hatter mountain pass, you will find the Sea Sami village of Kokelv. At Kokelv Sea Sami Museum you can experience a small journey in time, and in this village time is a little slower than elsewhere. In addition to fishing, Kokelv can offer hunting, gathering and glamping amongst other opportunities.

We hosted the Arctic Race of Norway in 2014 and 2018 and we look forward to once again welcoming you to a festival on wheels!

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