Vefsen municipality - Mosjøen

The city of wild salmon, timber floating, and cafès. The skier's town, the cyclist’s town, via ferrata, zipline, Helgelandstrappa, idyllic settlements in Sjøgata, and heavy industry all in close cooperation could be a short story about Mosjøen historically. Entrepreneurs in green industries from all over the world, are now turning their eyes to Mosjøen. With large commercial areas available and good access to green power, we are an attractive city to many.

For visitors, Mosjøen offers both the old and the new, and today visitors come to participate in city parties, ski races in the streets and festivals, to visit the hotel garden at Fru Haugans hotel, swim at the city beach and sunbathe between palm trees, to go hiking and climbing on Øyfjellet and to take part in the green shift that is happening here and now.

The options for fishing enthusiasts are vast and goes from halibut fishing in Vefsnfjorden, trout fishing in mountain lakes in Lomsdal and Visten National Park, to salmon fishing in the local and rich rivers. The river Vefsna has a long history as a salmon river, all the way back to the English "salmon lords" that have now been replaced by salmon fishermen from all walks of life.

Mosjøen is the perfect mix of nature and industry, and we welcome you to the city in the middle of Norway, the perfect starting point for experiences in the high north!

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