Hurtigruten and Arctic Race of Norway on the same team

July 11 th 2018 - 09:31

Hurtigruten and Arctic Race of Norway on the same team

They are most used to the roads. But during this year's Arctic Race of Norway, the international cycling world will also experience Northern Norway from the sea - when Hurtigruten organize an exceptional stage.

An exceptional stage

When the world elite passes the finish line in Kjøllefjord on Friday, 17 August, the teams and the media will sail with MS Midnatsol to Honningsvåg where the following stage will start the next day.

The Hurtigruten cruice ship will also be located in Kjøllefjord in connection with the finish of the second stage, and both the crew and guests from all over the world will join the party.

Much in common

The Arctic Race of Norway and Hurtigruten have much in common. The Arctic Race of Norway is a unique world-class bicycle ride, which gives Norway attention in a major international audience. Likewise, Hurtigruten offers unique world-class experiences. Therefore, we are very pleased with the cooperation, and the opportunity to show the beautiful Finnmark coast to an international bicycle audience, says CEO Daniel Skjeldam in Hurtigruten.

A vision for years

This year's Arctic Race of Norway is organized in Finnmark. It is after the second leg, which runs from Tana to Kjøllefjord Hurtigruten will transport cyclists and their teams.

Even before the first bicycle ride was organized in 2013, Knut-Eirik Dybdal, general manager of the Arctic Race of Norway, had a vision to carry the riders between stages with Hurtigruten. Now an agreement is in place that makes the vision a reality.

"We want to show the starring starters some of the best Northern Norway has to offer, so it's important to have Hurtigruten," says Dybdal.

Will boost Norway and Northern Norway

Dybdal and Skjeldam believe that closer and better cooperation between strong brands in Northern Norway is important for strengthening the region as a destination.

We have a common ambition to boost Norway and Northern Norway in a sustainable way. Hurtigruten offers unique adventures along the coast, and the Arctic Race of Norway brings Northern Norway to the world. In this way we complement and strengthen each other, Dybdal says.

This year's edition of Arctic Race of Norway is broadcasted on TV channels in 190 countries, of which 146 will be broadcasting live.

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