500 kg salmon delivered to the winner of the Salmon jersey 2018

February 5 th 2019 - 11:15

When sindre lunke secured Salmon jersey as best climber at the Arctic Race of Norway in 2018, the prize was 500 kg of salmon. Friday he invited his new professional team to a feast meal to celebrate.

The cyclist who was born in Stokmarknes in Vesterålen, where the next edition of the race will take place, was very pleased with both the prize and the dinner.

- I love salmon, and salmon is an important part of my diet as a top cyclist, so this prize comes in handy. And the salmon we got served was lovely, says Lunke.

Project manager for ARN sponsor «Salmon is important for Norway», Lena Steffensen, says that it has become a tradition to conduct the formal ceremony in the form of a dinner, and Sindre Lunke's new professional team Riwal accepted the offer with open arms during their training camp in Altea in Spain.

- It is a bit difficult to hand over 500 kilos of salmon on the podium during the race, so this has become a fine tradition, says Steffensen.

Four producers will supply 125 kilos of salmon each. Alfhild Olsen from Grieg Seafood Finnmark, Birte Haugan from Norway Royal Salmon and Elise Indal Klausen from Lerøy Aurora were all present at the dinner. Cermaq Norway is the fourth supplier, but they were unable to attend.

The representatives of the producers could tell that the salmon that has grown up in Finnmark and Troms is now on their way to Lunke´s home in Trondheim, Norway.

He acknowledges that getting this much salmon at one time is a challenge, but he has a plan.

- I will have some of it prepared as salmon burgers, some is to be smoked, and some of it will be frozen as fillets. Then some are given away to friends and family, and it is popular gift.

The feast meal was prepared by the renowned chef Gunnar Jensen from Mathallen in Tromsø. The menu consisted of sashimi, salmon tartar on potato waffle, salmon mousse, oven-baked salmon, salmon fillet prepared with gas burner, and salmon confit.

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