Arctic Race of Norway created millions in Northern Norway

January 28 th 2019 - 08:27

Arctic Race of Norway 2018 - 19/08/2018 - Etape 4 - Kvalsund / Alta (145,5 km) - Mathieu VAN DER POEL (CORENDON - CIRCUS) Vainqueur de la 4e étape
Arctic Race of Norway 2018 - 19/08/2018 - Etape 4 - Kvalsund / Alta (145,5 km) - Mathieu VAN DER POEL (CORENDON - CIRCUS) Vainqueur de la 4e étape © ARN/Pauline BALLET

Arctic Race of Norway went through Finnmark, the northernmost county in Norway, in 2018. Before and during the race Arctic Race of Norway purchased services for around NOK 20 million in Northern Norway, and created additional revenue for around 40 million for businesses in Finnmark. In addition, the host municipalities spent resources on events for their inhabitants, including a wide use of local sports teams. The value of the contribution from volunteers is estimated to 9.3 FTEs, or NOK 4.4 million.

By adding the value of the TV images of beautiful northern Norwegian nature and rich folk life being broadcast in 190 countries, the effects are considerable. A total of 96 % of the spectators believe that Arctic Race of Norway creates positive ripple effects for Northern Norway.

General manager Knut-Eirik Dybdal of the Arctic Race of Norway is proud of how the the international cycling race contribute to the development of Northern Norway.

- When we got the idea of ​​arranging the world's northernmost cycling race, we had a vision of founding an annual event that could create lasting values ​​in and for Northern Norway. When we now look at the figures, there is no doubt that this vision is taken care of, and we are very proud of that, says Dybdal, who is particularly proud of what they achieved in Finnmark.

- 2018 was our best year so far. We got an exciting sporting competition, we managed to solve the logistical challenges in a good way in collaboration with local recourses, and the TV footage that was broadcasterd to millions of TV viewers all over the world were perhaps the finest we have ever produced.

The value of the TV pictures is estimated at NOK 270 million, and even though there is some uncertainty about such figures, Dybdal believes that the ride contributes to great marketing of Norway.

- We put considerable resources into creating unique TV images around the ride, both on the ground and in the air. When people all over the world see the outstanding images of Norwegian nature and culture, I think many would like to come here to experience our beautiful country, Dybdal says.

During the six years that the Arctic Race of Norway has existed, the bike race has visited all the regions in Northern Norway. In 2018, the race went from east to west in Finnmark. Next year the event will take place in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Ofoten.

Some main findings in the survey:

- Estimated value of 1380 hours of television pictures broadcast in 190 countries: NOK 270 million

- Estimated additional turnover for the business sector in Finnmark in 2018: NOK 40 million

- Arctic Race of Norway's direct purchase of services in Northern Norway, NOK 19,6 million

- The municipalities' total use of money on local events for their inhabitants: NOK 3.6 million

- Voluntary work during the race is estimated at 9.3 full-time equivalents, or NOK 4.4 million.

From the spectator survey:

- 96 % believe the race has a positive effect for the business sector in Northern Norway

- 70 % believe the ride motivates increased use of bicycle

- 97 % believe the race creates good collaboration between communities and municipalities in Northern Norway

- 98 % believe Arctic Race of Norway contributes positively to cultural life in Northern Norway

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