The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation strengthens ARN preparedness

May 27 th 2019 - 13:30

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation has become the Medical Partner of the Arctic Race of Norway for the next three years.

With a medical car, an anaesthetist and two manned ambulances, The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation strengthens the emergency preparation throughout the race, which this year goes through Lofoten, Vesterålen and Ofoten from the 15th to the 18th of August.

Arctic Race is a popular event and it is important that it is as safe as possible for everyone participating. We have been asked to provide extra emergency preparation in addition to that which the public health service offers. Our task is to ensure that the help will be in place immediately if someone is injured or gets sick during the ride”, says Secretary General Hans Morten Lossius of the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation.

Knut-Eirik Dybdal, Arctic Race of Norway CEO, is pleased to have the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation as part of the Arctic Race team.

"There are long distances in Northern Norway, and through extra medical services from the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, we make the Arctic Race of Norway an even safer experience for the riders, everyone involved in the event, and everyone who is watching along the stages”, says Dybdal.

The peloton consists of 120 cyclists, with tens of thousands of spectators expected during this year's race and there will be around 1000 volunteers involved in the event.

We know that there is a good municipal health service, ambulance service and air ambulance in the area if needed. But we want to make additional contribution so that people receive care as quickly as possible wherever they are. Our goal is to bring the hospital out to the patients. As a non-profit organization, we do this together with the patients and the inhabitants of Lofoten, Vesterålen and Ofoten”, says Hans Morten Lossius.

Arctic Race Ambassador Thor Hushovd hopes that the collaboration between Arctic Race of Norway and the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation will inspire more people to download the “Hjelp 113” app on their smart phones. The app has been developed by the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation and tells the emergency central exactly where the caller is, saving vital time for the person who has been injured.

We want to help as many as possible to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Whether you are on foot or on a bike, it is not always easy to know where you are and what to do when the accident occurs. Both cyclists and trekkers should have this app because it can save lives”, says Hushovd.

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