Arctic Race of Norway to Nordland and Trøndelag in 2022

October 18 th 2021 - 11:39

Trøndelag County Council wants to take part in the Arctic Race of Norway in 2022, and has decided to facilitate for parts of next year's race to pass through the county. This means that Arctic Race of Norway in 2022 will run through Trøndelag and Nordland counties.

- A fantastic opportunity

Director Knut Eirik Dybdal in Arctic Race of Norway is pleased with the decision of the county committee and promises Trøndelag good visibility in the TV-broadcasts that are sent to 190 countries.

"Northern Norway and Trøndelag are good neighbours, and we are pleased that we will have the opportunity to share the event with Trøndelag next year. We look forward to conveying all the great things Trøndelag has to offer, out into the world," says Dybdal.

May Britt Lagesen, chair of the culture committee in Trøndelag County Council, is very excited by the decision of the county committee. She believes this means large festivities in several municipalities in the coming summer, but also emphasises the opportunities the event creates for business in the region.

"This represents a fantastic opportunity for our social mission, where we see added value in major international events," says Lagesen.

Collaboration around promotion The agreement with Trøndelag entails that Arctic Race of Norway will cooperate with the municipalities involved and Trøndelag County Council on branding and promoting the region and various activities in the field of culture and business. Among other things, a separate branding strategy will be drawn up for Trøndelag, so that Trøndelag gets the most out of the event. The Arctic Race of Norway has now started planning the route for next year's stages through the two counties.

"We primarily look at the sporting aspect, but of course we will also have a look at what Trøndelag and Nordland can offer of experiences for viewers in the 190 countries to which the TV images are sent," Dybdal concludes.

Creating value together

County Council Leader Tomas Norvoll of Nordland County Council thinks it is good that Northern Norway in 2022 can share the Arctic Race of Norway with the neighbouring county in the south.

"We have a lot in common, and by collaborating on a large international sporting event we can create values that benefit people and businesses in both Northern Norway and Trøndelag," says Norvoll.  

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