Consto and Arctic Race of Norway will collaborate on growth and development

June 25 th 2021 - 07:26

Consto, one of Northern Norway's largest companies, and among Norway's largest companies within construction, enters into a partnership with Arctic Race of Norway.

- We look forward to being part of the great folk festival in Northern Norway that Arcrtic Race of Norway is, says general manager Erlend Danielsen in Consto Nord.

Development of Northern Norway

Consto was founded 15 years ago with an ambition to participate take part in the development of Northern Norway. Today, the company spans the whole country with close to 1,000 employees, withlocal companies from Svalbard in the north to Kristiansand in the south, and headquarters in Tromsø.

- We are very pleased to have Consto on the Arctic Race of Norway team. Like Arctic Race of Norway, Consto was established to take part in the development of Northern Norway, and we have many common goals that make this a natural partnership, says CEO of Arctic Race, Knut-Eirik Dybdal.

Will be the world's most sustainable bicycle race

Since the beginning, Arctic Race of Norway has had an ambition to contribute to both theinternational promotion of Norway internationally, as well as growth and development in Northern Norway by building event competencies in the region and taking social responsibility. The bike race also has a goal of being the world's most sustainable.

- Constos' values ​​and focus on sustainability fits very well with what we the work we do within the Arctic Race of Norway. One of our goals is to become the world's first bicycle race using only electric in-race cars. Consto, for its part, works to build sustainable buildings and reduce waste and emissions on construction sites, so . Here we have the opportunity possibilities to learn from one another and todevelop together, says Dybdal.

Strategic partnership

This year's Arctic Race is the eighth in a row and has been held throughout the entire Northern Norway. This year the race takes place in old Troms county, with a visit to Finland on stage two.The TV pictures will be shown in over 190 countries.

- Arctic Race of Norway has become a strong brand that we are proud to associate with. This is a strategic partnership for us, Erlend Danielsen concludes.

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