The Arctic Race of Norway launches partnership with electric car manufacturer XPENG

May 12 th 2023 - 16:40 [GMT + 2]

  • The Arctic Race of Norway is pursuing its electrification project by providing electric cars for the entire organisation and the teams.
  • Several vehicles from the range will be used, the G3i and P7 models will serve as cars for the organisation and the teams.
  • Norwegian company Bil i Nord will be responsible for the delivery and handling of the cars

The electric car and technology company XPENG will be the Official Car Supplier for Arctic Race  of Norway from 2023.

The world's northernmost cycling race is committed to cutting emissions.  

“All major sporting events have an impact on the environment, and this becomes particularly evident in the world's northernmost professional cycling race. Arctic Race of Norway is committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions. An all-electric car fleet is a big step in the right direction, and a step XPENG is very proud to be a part of” according to the managing director of XPENG Norway, Claes Persson.   “This is a historic day for XPENG, which for the first time has entered into such a large sponsorship collaboration in Europe. Like the Arctic Race of Norway, XPENG has a focus on sustainability and we both work with technology development to help drive the world forward”, says Persson.

Providing 120 cars  

The Arctic Race of Norway starts this year in Kautokeino and finishes four days later at Nordkapp. On the way there, the race will visit Alta, Hammerfest, Kvalsund and Havøysund, and cover long distances. This requires many cars to support the riders and the race administration. XPENG is providing a total of 120 fully electric cars, which will give the race a significant environmental saving.  

The teams will also use XPENG  

Usually, the cycling teams bring their own service cars to cycle races in Europe. But as the Arctic Race of Norway is organized far away from where the cyclists and their accompanying cars usually operate, the race organizer provides cars for the teams. Managing director Knut Eirik Dybdal of Arctic Race of Norway is happy that the partnership with XPENG means all the cars will be fully electric. “XPENG only produce electric cars, and that suits us perfectly. We all have a responsibility to contribute to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Arctic Race of Norway is certified as an Eco-Lighthouse , and with this agreement we become even more climate-friendly and sustainable. We are very satisfied with that.” says Dybdal.   The Arctic Race of Norway have also had  some electric cars previously, and Dybdal says that: “the feedback from the teams has been positive. Several expressed that it was positive that Arctic Race of Norway has taken an extended responsibility for the environment, and that they were able to take part in this. That's why it's especially nice that we from this year only will use electric cars in the race.”

The local supplier is responsible for the delivery and handling of the cars  

It became clear earlier this year that Bil i Nord would become the new dealer for XPENG. It is this local dealer´s network in Northern Norway that will be responsible for the delivery and handling of the cars. This will give the new dealer unrivaled knowledge and experience of the new cars, making them the first in Europe to handle such a large sponsorship for XPENG.   According to Persson at XPENG, it is no coincidence that the largest sponsorship collaboration for XPENG in Europe takes place precisely in Northern Norway.   “Over 10 years, Arctic Race of Norway has consolidated its position as one of the most significant activities for the region of Northern Norway. They have ensured that this wonderful part of the country is known far beyond Norway's borders. With a focus on shared values for this unique project, we at XPENG are really looking forward to embarking on the collaboration and the road ahead. This will be exciting.” concludes Persson.

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