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Vincent Van hemelen (bel) born on 02/11/2000 TEAM FLANDERS - BALOISE /bel
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Stage Ranking
1 41 45 - 1 28 -
2 44 32 - 1 22 -
3 44 34 22 1 23 -
4 34 28 24 1 19 -

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Interview - 20/08 - 19:12 [GMT + 2]

Vincent Van Hemelen (Flanders-Baloise): “A nice prize to take home… but it’s just a start”

I’m very happy of this Peacock jersey and about my overall performance in this Arctic Race of Norway. I’ve been able to show my legs. I went to Andorra for a training camp and it has paid off. I don’t know what this Arctic might mean for my career. I hope it’s just a start. I’m already racing with the big guys, but there is still a long way to go...

Interview - 18/08 - 19:24 [GMT + 2]

Vincent Van Hemelen (Flanders-Baloise): “It’s been a brutal day”

It’s been a brutal day. I could get in the break and take the points in order to keep this Peacock jersey. That made for a good start. When the echelons happened and the first peloton caught us back, it was good for me because my team’s GC riders were not at the front and I could sit on the wheels and wait for them to come back. In the uphill finish, I did the lead-out...

Interview - 17/08 - 19:13

Vincent Van Hemelen (Flanders-Baloise): “It is good to wear this jersey, but our goal is to keep it”

I started the stage with the Peacock jersey in the back of my mind. We discussed yesterday how it might be possible to claim it in the last climb, as it was a Super KOM with double points and the guys in the break would only take points in the first two KOM, which were regular ones. It was definitely a motivation for me.

Once in the Super KOM climb, many guys went...

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