Thanks to Equinor and the Norwegian Cycling Federation, a junior competition has been held during the first seven editions the Arctic Race of Norway. This event brought together 7 Norwegian team and 5 international ones to reveal the future talents, offering them the same conditions than the professionals and an unmatched exposure.

Several participants of the ARN Heroes of Tomorrow are now professional riders like Kristoffer Halvorsen, Tobias Foss, Susanne Andersen, Alexander Vlasov, Jaakko Hänninen and obviously Andreas Leknessund who claimed the Arctic Race of Norway 2022 title.

“Heroes of tomorrow” by Equinor:

“For more than 30 years, Equinor has supported young talents in Norway who want to make a difference when they grow up – whether it be future engineers who are eager to help solve the world's challenges or those who excite us on the ski slopes, football pitch or onstage. In 2006, Equinor’s initiative was given the name “Heroes of Tomorrow.”

The reason is very simple – “our most important resource is people. Both for Equinor and for the rest of society. »

Since 2022, Equinor’s program “Heroes of tomorrow” has continued to be a part of the Arctic Race of Norway. In 2023, Equinor and the North Norwegian Science Center, organized a school competition for 6th graders in Alta and Hammerfest, where students were to design a trophy for the winners of the best young rider on the 1st and 2nd stages. The trophies were designed in plasticine and 3D-printed at AM North in Hammerfest. They were handed to the riders by the pupils on the Arctic Race of Norway podiums in Alta and Hammerfest.

Heroes of Tomorrow by Equinor