Historic finds and multiple sources show ancient settlement in Tana, out by the fjord as well as throughout the Tana-valley. Salmon fishing, the uncultivated recourses, the cultivated areas along the watercourse as well as the fish in the fjords have been a vital part of the settlement by the river in the valley. Furthermore, the «scattered» settlement along the river, reflects the diversity of the utilization of the natural resources.

According to the census from 1887 Tana was occupied by 856 samis, 622 Norwegians and 349 Finns, with a total population of 1827. By the 1st of January 2018, the total population of the commune was 2911. However, the yearly decrease in birthrates in the commune, contribute to a regular decrease in the census, hence, to maintain the census, migration/inflow of people is vital.


Kjøllefjord: A vibrant fishing community

Welcome to Kjøllefjord – a vibrant coastal community at the very top of Europe.

This town bustles with activity, and is a cultural hotspot with numerous festivals, concerts and art exhibitions throughout the year. Its historic coastal culture is preserved in the local museum Foldalbruket.

Kjøllefjord and its hinterland is a treasure trove for nature lovers fond of action-filled adventure or quiet meditation. We look forward to welcoming you to this truly unique part of the world.

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