Welcome to the northernmost city of the world, at 71° north!

At Europe's northernmost tip, Cape North, we find the city of Honningsvaag. Characterized by a magnificent and open nature, the city is a popular destination for tourists throughout the year. The city, referred to as the northernmost city of the world, has about 100 cruise arrivals per year, making it one of the most visited places by cruise boats in all of Norway. Honningsvaag is located on Mageroeya in Nordkapp Municipality, north of the arctic tree line. This means that the landmasses are unsuitable for tree growth throughout the area. This makes Honningsvaag and Cape North a truly unique nature experience. In addition, Mageroeya is surrounded by the Gulf Stream, which provides a relatively mild climate and plenty of resources in the ocean. Hence, industry in the districts around Honningsvaag is dominated by fishing, and today the municipality is one of the county's busiest fishing villages. During the summer, reindeer walks freely in the streets under the midnight sun, and in winter you can experience the dancing northern lights below a clear polar sky.

In 1944, Honningsvaag was burned down during the occupation forces' systematic destruction of the northern part of Norway. Only the church and the morgue were left when the Germans left. As a result, the city’s appearance today is a typical restored urban landscape from the 1950s. Despite its arctic climate, the city has ironically acquired status as "Norway’s City of Summer" and is known for its rich cultural life, including many musical revues. If you are looking for adventure, you will have many excursions, including bird watching in one of Europe's largest and most accessible bird cliffs with Atlantic birds. If you are of the type that prefers to taste local products, a plate of fresh king crab is a classic. Honningsvaag and Cape North offer experiences for everyone, all through the year!


Hammerfest, at 70º north, is a multicultural and vibrant regional hub in the Arctic and the second largest town in Finnmark with currently over 10.500 inhabitants from 68 countries. Due to the Gulf Stream and its protected natural bay, Hammerfest was populated early on. It has been in constant development ever since, becoming an important fishing and trading town.
Even in times of desperation, the people of Hammerfest never lost their perseverance. The destructive fire in 1890 led to the modernization of Hammerfest. In 1891 the town became one of the first in Northern Europe with electric street lighting. After the destruction during WWII, Hammerfest was completely reconstructed in only 15 years. Its unique history and beautiful nature offer unforgettable outdoor experiences that annually attract more than 100.000 visitors. 
Today Hammerfest combines it all: trade, tourism, fishing and the oil & gas industry. It offers many leisure activities with almost 100 organizations for sports or culture, guaranteeing fun and coziness in this unique destination in the Arctic. Hammerfest hosted the first stage of ARN in 2014 and is now proud to welcome the race back to the Northernmost Town in the World.

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