See and experience Kvalsund municipality:
Kokelv: Sea Sami museum and Storberget viewpoint (start of the Norwegian Scenic Route Havøysund)
High plateau landscape: Route E6 over Sennalandet and the Sami site Áisaroaivi
The municipality’s most beautiful areas: Route FV132 from Kvalsund Bridge to Saraby, leads through a scenic and varied landscape.
Skaidi: Camping, hotel, cabins, snowmobile rental, golf, downhill skiing, shops, tavern, souvenirs
Stallo: The distinctive rock “Stallo” is an anciet sacrificial site, which in old days was shown respect and reverence to be blessed with fortune for hunting and fishing. Still today, one should show respect and salute the stone while passing. Do you dare to visit it? (alongside the old route RV94, outside of the tunnel).
Revsneshavn: Only settlement without any street connection in the municipality, special and rough coastal landscape with leftovers of an old fort from World War II.
Petroglyphs: In Kvalsund you can find two fenced stones with ancient petroglyphs which date back more than 2500 years. Among other things, you can see drawings of reindeer.


Alta – the City of Northern Lights
Alta is the largest city in the county of Finnmark with more than 20 000 people. It is a modern city offering all the services that you might require: hotels, restaurants and cafés, shops, cultural services and experiences. Norwegian Air Shuttle and SAS both provide direct flights between Oslo and Alta with a travel time of 2 hours.

Alta is a great choice for visitors seeking to experience the magic of the Northern Lights. Alta's history as City of Northern Lights goes back to the days when Birkeland built the world's first Northern Lights observatory on the top of Mt. Haldde in 1899. Alta has a stable climate and is therefore one of the best places in the north for seeing the Northern Lights. 
The latest addition to the Northern Lights city of Alta is the cathedral. The Northern Lights Cathedral is a modern cathedral in a modern city, as elegant as the Northern Lights themselves. The cathedral was consecrated on 10 February 2013.

Alta has the largest concentration of rock art in Northern Europe made by people with a hunting-fishing economy. The rock art consists of carvings and paintings made between ca 7000 to 2000 years ago. The rock art in Alta is inscribed on the UNESCO`s World Heritage List.

Dog sledding has become more popular than ever. Finnmarksløpet is the longest dog sled race in Europe. The race is being described as the most beautiful winter adventure and has thousands of spectators.

Alta's unique history and natural environment can be experienced throughout the year, but particularly during the summer when it is possible to get out into the countryside and engage in individual activities. You can also book experienced guides to accompany you on excursions. A wide range of activities are available, including river boating trips, canoeing, off-road cycling and ATV trips.

UiT the Arctic Universe of Norway has its own faculty in Alta with approximately 3000 students and about 300 employees. UiT is offering a variety of educational opportunities.  

Alta is regarded by many people as being the gateway to Finnmark and the starting point for onward travel to other places like Karasjok, Kautokeino, Hammerfest and the North Cape.

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