All set for great experiences at Storheia

June 5 th 2019 - 10:00

The municipality has decided that the glorious Storheia mountain summit and its views will be made available to everyone. The Arctic Race of Norway is one of the first events to enjoy this.

Want more people to reach the top

Mayor Siv Dagny Aasvik is delighted that the municipality’s ambitious dream has now become a reality.

"The Hadsel municipality is working to make the mountain accessible for all. The Arctic Race gets the credit for being one of the first events to take place here. We want the population to feel great pride at each step as they get closer to the top, and hopefully as many people as possible will reach the top," says Aasvik.

Hopes that Arctic Race of Norway makes the mountain even more popular

The Hadsel municipality is looking forward to welcoming back the cycling and hope it will be such a popular event as in 2013, when Arctic Race of Norway last came to Hadsel. The mayor believes that the Arctic Race of Norway can thus make the mountain ever more popular for those wanting to experience the best of nature.

"Together with Arctic Race, we will make Storheia available for anyone who wants to be present, enjoy the ride and take in the nature," says Aasvik.

Experience worthy of a queen

The third stage of this year's Arctic Race is called the Queen's Stage, named after Norwegian Queen Sonja who is known to be fond of walking in the mountains in Vesterålen. Arctic Race ambassador Thor Hushovd believes the third stage of this year's race is probably the Arctic Race’s toughest ever ending.

"This will be an experience for both cyclists and the public that is worthy of a queen," says Hushovd.

It can become a classic

Arctic Race of Norway CEO Knut-Eirik Dybdal is very pleased that the race will be one of the first events at the new Storheia Arena.

"Through the Arctic Race of Norway, we want to showcase the best Norway has to offer, and Storheia is definitely amongst the best," says Dybdal.

He believes that the conclusion of the stage at the top of Storheia can become a classic.

"The Tour de France has its Mont Ventoux, Arctic Race of Norway could have Storheia. We thank you for the brilliant cooperation in Hadsel between the municipality, landowners, enthusiasts and businesses to open this unique area to everyone."

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